Automatic gates bring convenience to security management.  While they were only on high-security, high-end prime estates before, they are now more affordable and widespread. A commercial automatic gate acts more than a security implement. It also contributes to the image your brand projects because it is the first contact point for visitors. An automatic gate works especially well for large commercial premises where there is a lean security staff. However, automatic gates work well for commercial properties of all sizes. What advantages can you get from this security installation? 

1. Convenient Remote Access  

When you have an automatic gate, you don't need to be at the gate. You can open it from your office. If you are at a meeting, you can let visitors drive right in.  If you have a dedicated security office, it becomes easier for the security team to operate the gate at all times. They can see who is at the gate on CCTV, and vet their reasons for coming.

2. Cost-efficient Unmanned Operations   

When it comes to unmanned operations, commercial automatic gates are a good choice because they are cost-efficient. You don't need a security guard on duty all the time to open and close the gate. 

It is also possible to add controls that will only allow access to certain people with special permissions. You can avoid the associated human resources costs of keeping a guard at the gate.  

3. Easy Integration with other Equipment    

PIN pads are important for secure access control and commercial automatic gates work well with them. You can install a gate that only opens when a PIN is correctly entered. You can also set the gate to automatically close after a certain period of time or after a certain number of entries. It works well for large premises where there is constant traffic flow. People doing delivery or requiring access can come and go as they wish. 

4. Good Brand Impression   

A commercial automatic gate contributes to the image your brand projects because it is the first contact point for visitors. An automatic gate creates the impression of strong security and professionalism. 

It warns intruders that they are approaching a secured property, even if it is unmanned. It can also be programmed to automatically shut down after a certain time or after a certain number of entries.

5. Enhanced 24/7 Operations   

Commercial automatic gates can be programmed to open and close automatically, depending on the time of day. This is an excellent way to enhance 24/7 operations at commercial premises. 

Are you concerned about secure access to your commercial premises? Contact a company like Coastal Burglar Alarm to learn more.