Physical security is a necessity for any business to protect its assets, employees, and clients. However, it is not enough to install the latest security gadgets and assume physical security is assured. You must know the threats that face your business, how to mitigate them, and how to respond when they materialize. Business security consulting offers your business a 360-degree assessment of your security setup and provides customized solutions to safeguard your interests. The consultant's role is to help patch up security weaknesses. How do they do this?

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

This exercise is also popularly known as risk assessment. It looks at the various threats a business faces, such as burglaries, terrorism, internal theft, and natural disasters. Business security consulting looks at threats in your physical environment. They also identify risks that arise from what you do or sell. 

Vulnerability assessment looks at the extent to which the business is open to impact from each threat. For example, how easy would it be for a burglar to breach the business security setup? From these assessments, you can formulate a security plan.

Critical Asset Identification

What assets should the business prioritize protecting? The loss or damage of different assets impacts a business differently. For example, the IT infrastructure is a critical asset for a banking business because there is no way of confirming customer details and balances without it.

Business security consulting helps identify these critical assets and the order of their importance to the business. It helps determine the assets to prioritize and where to allocate the security budget.

Security Planning and Development

A security plan details policies, practices, and technologies that reduce security threats and the responses should they occur. Every business should have one regardless of size because it has assets that can be lost like people, technologies, or inventory.

Security business consulting helps develop concepts and strategies to counter and resist threats and recover from the materialization of these threats. This security plan is regularly updated and reviewed as the business's assets grow.

Develop Crime Prevention Environmental Design

Crime prevention through environmental design (CPED) is a concept that uses the physical layout of buildings and the spaces in and around them to prevent crime. It looks at creating a security territory, controlling access to it, and surveilling those who enter and exit.

Business security consulting helps develop CPED and the enabling technologies to make it effective. In addition, they help set up robust commercial access control systems and CCTV systems.

Are you worried about your business security situation? Talk to a business security consultant to help safeguard your business interests and assets.