Are you wondering about the best vantage points for residential security cameras? These devices are only as effective as the view they can command. They become very effective tools for deterrence, monitoring, and evidence collection when placed properly. Here are some of the best points for residential security cameras.


A security camera at the gate acts as a deterrent against impulsive crime. It makes a statement that your home is secure. Petty criminals are likely to avoid monitored property because they are likely to be apprehended.


Doors remain the favorite entry points for malicious actors into the house. You should have a camera above each door. The front door camera monitors the comings and goings of different people, including family members or service providers. Installing cameras at the other doors catches the burglars who want to avoid the front door on the assumption that the other doors are less secure. Ask the residential security camera supplier to make a good recommendation for outdoor cameras for doors. Keep in mind that security cameras are a target for burglars. They destroy them to prevent evidence collection. Install cameras at a height of at least 9 feet to make it hard to reach.

Backyard and Swimming Pool

The backyard is a favorite entry point for burglars because it is more hidden and often has few activities going, especially during the cold season. A security camera with a good view of the backyard also monitors kids and pets when playing. If you have a swimming pool, you may also want to minimize risks by monitoring whoever is swimming, especially if there are young kids.

Common Areas in the House

Interior residential security cameras in the living room and kitchen are useful for monitoring events at home. They are important in a home with a babysitter or elderly people. Burglars also target these areas for entertainment appliances like TVs and gaming consoles. The camera should also have a view of large windows because they act as entry points for burglars.

Hallway and Stairway

The hallway and stairway connect different spaces in a house. You need cameras monitoring these routes to record and recollect events better when there is an incident. Monitoring stairways is also important in a home with young kids and elderly people, to mitigate fall risks. Are you looking for ways to secure your home better? Ask a residential security camera supplier to recommend residential cameras for different spaces.