Home security systems have evolved a lot, and every homeowner wants to ensure they install the most effective kind. Nowadays, you can receive an alert on your phone when a break-in is in progress and get some preventive measures there in time. The good news is that it has become very affordable to install a capable home security system. Your security system can be as comprehensive as you can afford. Here are some of the essential components it must have.

Door Locks

A robust high-security lock is the first defense against a home invasion. There is a wide variety of locks in the market today, including smart locks that come with PIN codes instead of physical keys. Some come with smartphone app keyless control and alerts. This means you can operate them more conveniently and enjoy a maximum level of protection. 

CCTV Cameras

This equipment is vital for recording events at home. It is the go-to equipment when reviewing any security incidents at home. Today's CCTV cameras play a proactive role. They can send alerts and videos over the internet, which enables real-time response to threats.  

Go for a 1080p camera with IR capability to record at night. It should also have a motion detector, which triggers recording when there is motion, instead of continuous recording. If possible, go for a camera that can store images in the cloud.

Burglar Alarm

This is perhaps the most common home security component in most homes. Alarms are simple to install and use. They come with a keypad that you input and change security codes as you wish. An alarm system incorporates a motion detector, which helps cover all the rooms in the house. 

Door and Window Sensors 

This is an older technology that relies on completed and broken circuits. Their work is simple. When the door or window opens, a circuit breaks, triggering an alarm. Today's window sensors can sense specific audio frequencies of any breaking glass.

Fire Detection System

A firefighting system is an essential part of a home security system because fire is the most destructive threat to a home. This system has a smoke detector, which activates water sprinklers to damp out a fire when triggered. It plugs into the home security panel to trigger an alarm when a fire is detected. 

It is advisable to engage a home security expert when assessing a proper home security system setup. They will help form an efficient setup, which helps anticipate and counter threats to your home in a better manner. Contact a home security system provider for more information.