The latest school shootings have put student safety in the spotlight again. Unfortunately, not much has changed to make schools any safer than they were. Luckily, the increased danger that students face each day has gotten people to begin communicating in earnest to improve the security of US schools.

While government officials hash out the dynamics of public policies and laws, it's important to remember that school districts have the ability to make changes at the local level. These changes can help improve security and keep children safe while they're at school. Here are four steps that your school district can take to make schools safer for your students.

Automatic Gates and Fences

Controlling access points extends to the gates and fences that secure your school campuses. Installing ornamental iron fences around your campuses will provide a safe and secure environment for your students. Installing automatic gates at the entrance to secure areas of the campus, such as the classroom areas will also increase security for your students. Not only that, but it will provide a fresh new appearance to your school sites. In addition to the security fencing, you can also use ornamental iron fencing to designate specific areas for your students.

Installed Security Cameras

When it comes to school safety, security cameras can be the first line of defense that you have. You can't adequately protect the students in your district if your school administrators don't have a clear view of the campus. Unfortunately, even walking the campus won't provide the view that they need. That's why it's crucial that your schools have active security cameras that can provide a view of the entire campus. With camera monitoring and closed-circuit television, your administrators will know who's accessing their campuses, and from where, which will allow additional time to notify law enforcement.

Controlled Entry Points

If your schools don't have controlled access points, you're taking risks with the safety of your students, your faculty, and your staff. Uncontrolled access points mean that anyone can come and go throughout the day, without restriction. To protect the students in your district, it's important to have controlled access points at all your schools. Ensuring that guests can only enter or exit through one common location during the day will go a long way towards protecting your students.

Increased Training of Teachers and Staff

When you're planning strategies to keep your students safe, it's important to put teacher and staff training at the top of the list. Teachers and staff should be well-trained in all emergency procedures include fire drills, lockdown procedures, active shooter procedures, and reverse evacuation procedures. When your teachers and staff are well-trained, they're more able to provide the protection that your students need during an emergency situation.

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