You want to keep your home secure when you are home and away, but you might be unintentionally reducing your security. Make sure you avoid the following common mistakes when it comes to home security and protection.

Hiding the House Key in Obvious Places

It is often convenient having a spare house key hidden somewhere on your property in case you lose yours, but this also puts you at risk of someone else finding it. You need to make sure it is hidden very well and not in any of the obvious places. You should never hide a key under a doormat, under a rock or ceramic animal near the doorstop, or on top of the door frame. These are very obvious places that any burglar knows to look. Some less inconspicuous places include hiding it in your dog house where a burglar doesn't want to go near, hidden in the siding of your house, or underneath a rock that doesn't look any different than others in that area.

Posting About Your Trip on Social Media

This is unfortunately a common mistake made by people who don't realize what they are doing. If you are planning a trip, you should never post about it on social media until you have returned from the trip. While it is tempting because you are excited about it, you should only tell a select few people that need to know. Posting about it on your Twitter or Facebook page means other people could find out about it. Word spreads, and suddenly someone gets the idea of breaking in while they know you are away. Try to only tell people who need to know, like your boss, your kid's school, and the neighbor who is going to walk your dog and water your plants.

Putting Your Expensive Items Near a Front Window

Some burglars will choose homes to break into based on high-value items inside. If you have a large, flat-screen television, don't put it in a front room where people can easily see it from the street. You are telling other people that you have a big, expensive television in your home. Try to keep all expensive items from being easily visible from the street, whether it is an original work of art, electronics, or a safe. If you have a wall safe that is across from a front window, close the curtains before you reveal its location. You can never be too careful.

For more security in your home, consider having a security system installed, such as by Security By Private Eyes.