People up to no good wait for the perfect opportunity to break into your home. Just like a practical joker, they sleuth around and spy on your house until the time is just right to slip in and get you. If you don't already have a security system in place, you have already given them a leg up on their intentions and possibly an open window of opportunity. If you are like a lot of homeowners, you will put off installing a good wireless home security system, or any security system at all, and instead leave the fate of your house, your belongings, and the people inside up to chance. Here are a few of the biggest home security blunders you should work to avoid. 

Mistake: Skipping out on real protection for dummy equipment. 

Why? You spot a few dummy cameras at the dollar store and think to yourself: Well, that right there should do the trick. It is a common misconception that installing dummy equipment is just as good as installing the real thing. This may seem like a smart investment, but most burglars who are looking to break into a home will be well beyond their first rodeo. Therefore, the dummy equipment you install, whether it is false cameras, generic stickers, or yard signs, will just end up making you look like the fool. 

Mistake: Relying solely on your dogs for keeping your home protected. 

Why? There are some pretty big and bad dog breeds out there that could potentially scare away a crook. But if you want your dog to be the only line of defense you have, you better make sure he is one heck of a vicious creature. One investigation took a look by hidden camera at five different dog's reactions when a stranger came into houses when the homeowners were gone. Guess how many of them allowed the stranger to roam freely in the house? All five of them. 

Mistake: The simple act of not having some kind of intruder alarm.

Why? It really may not take as much as you think to scare away a burglar. In fact, most of them will duck and run if an alarm goes off. Even though it is a much better idea to have your entire home outfitted with a good security system, at least install some kind of motion-sensitive alarm on the door or vulnerable windows.