When your home is struck by lightning, not only can the people in the home be harmed, but the home itself could suffer. Lightning strikes to the home sometimes go unnoticed initially, but in most instances, the effects are felt. If you are a homeowner, here is what you need to know about lightning strikes of the home.

What Damage Can Lightning Cause to a Home?

The damage caused by lightning to a home can range from fire in the walls to damaged electronics. When the lightning enters your home, it usually travels through the plumbing or wiring. The level of heat from the lightning can lead to a fire. Unfortunately, since the fire is within the walls, it can burn for a long time before it is noticed.

Electrical components, such as computers and televisions, can be damaged through the surge of energy from the lightning through the wiring. The damaged wiring leaves your home uninhabitable until it is inspected and repaired by an electrician.

What Can You Do?

You cannot 100 percent protect your home from lightning, but you can reduce the likelihood that lightning will be too damaging to it. For instance, you can install lighting rods to help direct the lightning to the ground in a safer manner. Your home could still be struck, but the chances of a fire resulting from it are decreased.

You also need to use surge protectors for all electronics. Surge protectors provide some level of protection from lightning that strikes the electrical grid. However, the best policy to follow when you are home during a lightning storm is to unplug your electronics. Lightning can overload the protectors, or jump through them, and still cause damage.  

To ensure the safety of everyone within the home during the storm, restrict contact with anything electronic. It is possible for someone to be struck by lightning while doing simple tasks, such as talking on the phone.

As a safety measure, you need to ensure your home has a fire alarm system installed. Lightning strikes sometimes hit hidden areas beyond the walls, such as the attic, and a fire could be growing without your knowledge. Fire alarm systems that covers even your attic, can alert you to danger.

Talk to safety experts, such as a fire alarm system professional, about other steps you can take to protect your home during a lightning storm. By taking action now, you can possibly avoid damage later.